Today I was throwing out some old VHS’s cos we have no machine on which to play them any more. I came across Jumanji.

I handed the black VHS cassette to a graduated student, telling her it was a great movie about a family who play a board game with wild animals and stuff.

She took it and tried to open it up like the cassette itself was a board game or something.

She had no idea what a VHS was.

She thought I meant the cassette was a game, not that it was a movie about a game.

I had to explain that you could once put them inside video players and watch films on them, and that we used them before DVDs.

She’d never seen one before. And this is a university graduate. That made me feel so old!

She barely believed me when I told her everybody used these VHS thingys when I was a kid.

I don’t know if you still use VHS, but actually to look at one again and to hold it in my hand made me think how absurdly big and clunky and plasticky they are.

Do you remember having to wait for minutes and minutes after watching an entire movie for the blessed thing to re-wind? Ha ha! Fond memories.