Happy Fourth of July!


I celebrated Independence Day with American friends and a couple of Brits.

In the evening we hung out, played Apples to Apples (brilliant card game), waved flags and indulged in a bit of light-hearted pan-Atlantic banter.

We took sparklers outside and made this picture. Pretty cool, huh?

We rehearsed til we got our timing together, then had lots of tries to get it right.

There were a few pics with half an F, or a backwards R. But this one came out OK.


7 letters scrawled in fire on dark air.

An enduring concept. The cry of history.

Show me a person who doesn’t want freedom. Nobody wants to be a slave.

American or Brit, light or dark, we can have fun together to celebrate being released from oppression and to be thankful for being given freedom!


What does oppression mean to you and what does freedom mean?