President Obama & Hillary Clinton want a 2-state solution for Israel-Palestine, based on 1967 borders.

I agree this is the best political solution.

Contrary to what Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu says, the 1967 borders are not indefensible.

They will allow a viable Palestine and a secure Israel.


A Palestinian State comprising Gaza Strip and West Bank should be founded. Golan goes back to Syria.

I think in return, Jerusalem should be undivided and wholly controlled by Israel.

The capital of Palestine should be Gaza City. The capital of Israel should be Jerusalem.

The idea of Jerusalem as a separate entity, an international city (a city-state like Vatican City?) is interesting, but unworkable permanently.


The Palestinian Constitution must recognise Israel’s right to exist, and vice versa.

Palestinian refugees in neighbouring countries should be freely allowed to settle in either halves of Palestine. It all should be enforced by a teethy force of UN peacekeepers.

The 300,000+ Israeli settlers in West Bank must choose to stay in a Palestinian state, or move to Israel.

The 200,000+ Palestinians in East Jerusalem must choose to stay in a Jewish state, or move to Palestine.


To sum up: 1967 borders. Palestinian State = (Gaza Strip + West Bank), capital: Gaza City. All Jerusalem to Israel. Golan to Syria. People able to move. Teethy UN troops.

There you go, Israel-Palestine problem solved! It involves a lot of compromise from all sides, but then so does mayhem.

As a follower of Jesus, I’m convinced politics is very limited in what it can achieve. (If the Arabs and Jews all became disciples of Jesus, as some are doing, it would simplify.)

But I also think Christians need to be pragmatic -as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. So we need to have workable solutions to real problems. This is my attempt to balance a fair and viable solution for Israel-Palestine, that really doesn’t favour one side over the other.