Blimey O’Reilly! Osama bin Laden has been killed by US forces. Can you imagine taking that shot?

The world’s most wanted man since 9/11, Al-Qaeda’s leader bin Laden was found not in an isolated tribal village, not up a mountain in a cave, but in Abbottabad, a mere 65 miles from Islamabad.

The terrorista was in a massive fortified house a few hundred metres from the Pakistan Military Academy (think Sandhurst or West Point).

Did the Pakistani military and ISI really not know bin Laden was hiding in a castle on their doorstep? That’s revealing.

Surely they had suspicions. Which means they turned a blind eye. Which means they are permitting Al Qaeda to operate.

Pakistan’s regional games may well be the fulcrum upon which the 21st century turns. The conflicts at the heart of nuclear Pakistani society- between extremism and moderation- are the crucible in which we must put the peace of the next century.

But today, the liberal West’s Moriarty has been killed.

Terminated. With extreme prejudice.

This Pakistan operation, kept secret from the Pakistanis until after the event, shows the effectiveness intelligence & special forces can have if applied with hard work, strategically, over the long-term.

Here’s President Obama’s announcement.

And this is how it’s being reported by the Pak Tribune in Pakistan, with 64% of site users saying they don’t believe bin Laden is dead.

The fact remains, Obama has been able to do something George W Bush and Donald Rumsfeld had not, and just slightly increased his chance of 2012 re-election.

Bin Laden’s whereabouts are now reported to be in front of his maker, where he’ll have to explain himself.

The dude is dead. Killing criminal masterminds may or may not help solve national security crises, but it doesn’t solve the underlying problem of the human soul, which needs cleansing from sin before it can enjoy reconciliation with its maker.

Osama bin Laden may have been bad, but if he’d accepted Jesus as God, he would’ve been forgiven.

Will this death in Pakistan cause the disintegration of Al Qaeda? Hopefully. But the multiplying broomsticks from the Magician’s Apprentice come to mind.

Fighting fire with fire was in this case effective. But only the determined application of love in the world will lastingly change it for the better.