Had a great Easter weekend. Liz was back from Bath and her friend Laura was staying. I got up on Easter Sunday to put the labels on the Easter eggs, thumb through the Scriptures and chop the veg for the roast. I forgot the Grand Prix was on early, so had to wait for the condensed version in the evening.

The four of us with Mum went to One Church where the music was lively and the pastor Simon spoke about the look, the goat and the nail. There was talk of the blood that was spilt in the Old Testament temple system. I think this was a bit of a shock to the system for poor Laura, who’s new to church.

Actually it brought a moment of sobriety to realise how serious a problem sin is in God’s eyes and how terrible the ultimate solution had to be. He became a human and died bloodily to free us of the punishment of that sin –if we choose to accept him.

People were handing out chocolates at church, so with that I broke my Lenten fast from chocolate. It wasn’t a big challenge to give the stuff up, and it wasn’t an ecstatic feeling to eat it again. The significance to me of giving up chocolate for forty odd days was this.

The act of denying myself this small luxury reminded me most days of the approaching Easter-time, and Jesus’ purpose for entering the hornets’ nest.

Back home after church the roast dinner was roasting nicely. Gary had hidden Cadbury’s Creme Eggs around the garden and written a series of riddles to lead to the treasure. Liz and Laura squealed and dashed around trying to locate the chocolate eggs.

After a fab beef lunch we had a fun, relaxing afternoon. Dad and Granny came to take the girls back to Bath in the evening and early the next day they got the coach down to Saloufest in Valencia. Gary and I finished off Easter Sunday with the Malaysian Grand Prix. Wonderful.